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Whether your brakes urgently need maintenance, you can hear a suspicious sound coming from your engine or you simply want your vehicle looked at, MVS Southern's mobile auto services in Hampshire are only a call away.

It does not matter if your car is at the office, parked on your driveway or on the roadside, your local mobile mechanic in Hampshire is happy to help. We provide our customers with a convenient, affordable and flexible alternative to their usual garages if they are not available or would prove difficult to get to.

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Our mobile auto service in Hampshire

General servicing – Your friendly local mobile mechanic in Hampshire is able to provide expert top-to-bottom servicing on an ad-hoc or annual basis. This allows you to address any potential issues like cambelt wear, degrading brake pads or low fluid levels before they can rear their head down the line and potentially prove expensive to fix. Everything we find and repair will be detailed in writing for your peace of mind and potential warranty claims.

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Our Pricings



  • Interim Service - From £150
  • Major Service - From £250
  • Air Condition Regas - From £78
  • Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection - From £78
  • Dealer Level Diagonistic Inspections - £78
  • Transit Custom Wet Belts - Price Varies






Do not leave worrying sounds or waning engine performance up to guesswork. Our specialist diagnostics equipment will identify both more and less obvious faults with your vehicle's engine, transmission, electrics, brakes and suspension. Once we have diagnosed the issue, we might be able to repair it right there and then.



Our proactive approach to mobile maintenance keeps your car running smoothly year-round. We will examine your car's engine, clutch, brakes and anything else you suspect might be playing up and take the appropriate action. You can trust us as a quality mobile mechanic in Hampshire. 

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